Tommy Robinson jailed for 9 months

Almost Human

Real men don't wear pink,they eat it.
that was his before he went to prison the first time, he does not look anything like that going in this time.

You're right.That was before he to prison the 1st. time.
But does it matter?
He's a zionist-puppet.
It's divide and conquer.


fuck the govt...
WTF the dude was trying to make people aware of the young girls (kids) being raped by the Muslim immigrants, the Muslims had spent 2 yr out on bail, basically nothing being done to them. He showed up at one of the hearings and repeated in his phone video I believe what the BBC had written about it. He is trying to do what is right and being punished for it while the Pakistani Muslims are still free to rape the young girls and he and his wife have been warned their lives are in danger!
ahh i got it now. ok so set him free,and set all other pedos on fire in cages,the way these mid easterns do!

Be happy⚕

Vacant, Composed
Dude will probably die in there. And if not we'll he's in for a long run of solitary.
It's absolutely disgusting what's happening to the u.k
And to think a bunch of middle class white cunts completely ignorant to anything beyond whats shown on the BBC help demonize him.
I'm not a Tommy supporter, but I support his cause and his message, just not a fan of the guy, yet this is vile.
The countries fucked.. people are more interested in feeling good than being good, patting themselves on the back for being ever so inclusive whilst never experiencing this "inclusivity".
Terrifying to see a man who tries to shed light on depravity be treated in this manner..
And yet the ignorance carries on

Also isn't he being held in contempt of court again.. and as such should be allow full access to his personal funds (as was the case last time, which was granted) I haven't followed this time round.. ever since the police escorted a group of Muslims to a Tommy rally, allowed them to pelt Tommy supporters with bricks and bottles then the papers ran the headline "violence breaks out at Tommy rally" as if it was his side conducting the violence the whole process has left me sick

We'll get what we're asking for
And honestly at this point
Fuck it
Our people deserve what they ask for
I'd happily watch the Muslims and the British apologists die together
Historical naivety, political ignorance, inability to fact check, and total indoctrination via media.. fuck the left leaning brainless masses and bring on the stonings