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… why is it so high on the abdomen?… is there still a vagina?…

@Flatus Tube - get in here! I know you specialize in this kind of medicine. Can that get erect? Is it just for looks, or will it be what urine comes out of now? Is the vagina still there? I have so many questions…

Good post @ZeroK - is this your ex-girlfriend?
No This Is My Ex


Uppity cunt
I think, at a guess, this is just allowing some fat and skin to grow, so further down the line they can make a cock out of it to sew onto the fanny. They usually use skin from your side, arm or thigh


If you tolerate this, then your children will be trans next.. as the song says
They are already giving children hormones that shit makes me so pissed😡 I remember being 15 16 17 years old and at 22 currently looking back I was a stupid teen that took stupid risks like most do I wold not trust myself at that age to know what I want for the rest of my life because that’s insane 😂 these trans people are insane


Listen if someone wants to go through all that pain /risk , let them .I don't have a problem with people being what they want ; it's when they militant about it and (pardon the pun) ram it down your throat .
Yeah I guess so, maybe I've soften a bit but go ahead let them do what they want. There's just something so unnatural about it, going against the phenomenon that is the physical world with possible detrimental effects on evolution and mankind.