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Seriously...who didn't know this was going to happen?? I don't mean the exact reason..I mean ANY reason!!! But if not political or religious, what's left...YUP, that one!!

And here you have it! The sad truth is it's not going to stop. This is going to keep happening until it's just like one of those zombie or apocalypse movies!!

Don't EVEN doubt it!! It is out of control right now! Me, I totally EXPECT to die because of all of this. Whether by the virus or the crazies, I expect it to find me and billions of others before there's not enough left to have this shit anymore! Then it's just a matter of survival. Eating each other, if that's the only food available! Go ahead, doubt what I'm saying. People WILL eat people if they are hungry and there's nothing else!! Yes I DO have guns!! NOPE...I AM NOT THE LEAST BIT HESITANT...AT THIS POINT...TO USE THEM ON ANY ONE THREATENING MY LIFE OR MY WAY OF LIVING MY LIFE!!

There are also other neighbors here that have made it their business to horde guns and ammo!! They are not unlike me in many ways...some are ex-Navy SEALS or Special forces or other like-type military background!! Us who HAVE killed and know what it is, will NOT hesitate or have feelings of remorse or guilt. It just IS that way!! We didn't go looking for it. We are not in places that are in mainstream areas. We are out and away, and if it does come WILL find us!! I'm not going to hide!! Let them come in our area looking for trouble...we have PLENTY of trouble to share with them!!

Ok, I've sounded totally out of character. I'm just so fed up with bullshit!!!

Most of these people don't even know what they are protesting!! They are just looking to express anger!! They don't even really know who or what they're angry at or about!! They're just following the crowd!!! Most are hoping to get something for free, whether it's some kind of government reform to give them..MORE!! Or from an open door or window where they can steal it!!

I can't believe I've just said all of this stuff!!! It's not going to stop people! Even if the oppressed blacks get everything they want, they'll still want more! As for the virus, it's not going anywhere!! It's here to stay until it kills everyone that's susceptible to it!! Just this morning I talked to a school teacher who told me about her student's anger at all of this and having to do online schooling! Then that same teacher told me that one of her children has already had the virus and even though didn't kill him, it caused some problems! Well, yeah, that's what it was designed to do...kill all of the ticks and leeches in our society!! Who are those you say? Well, lets see..Trump is a business man! One of the best!!! The U.S. is nothing but a huge business!! If you run a business, what is one of the first things you do to make it run better and more efficient? What to do to cut loss of time and wasted money?
You get rid of the ones not contributing. Those who are draining the resources. In the case of the U.S. business, those would be the ones who are sick, old, crippled, the ones on SSDI AND welfare. Although not so much welfare as social security! Disability. The ones who our country would do better with gone!! Think of all the extra money, food, medical resources!! Cancer patients, those with compromised immunity, those who have an illness already. Those are the target crowd!! Do you really think it was ONLY China?? Wake up and watch the dying!! Just try not to be one of them!! This has all been played out in our governmments planning sessions!!

Me, I have no political cares or preferences. There was Hilary and Don. I didn't vote because it was a choice between a pile of shit or a bag of shit!!! One was as bad as the other!! This was coming for our world and was in planning all the way back into the 80's!!

As I said, I don't care. If you are white, black or purple with orange stripes...if you come here WILL find it!!!

Geez!! I hope you people left alive think to horde and save all of the Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sause you can get your hands on. Human flesh tastes much better with flavor added!! Another thing...small high velocity rounds that will work in rifle OR pistol is your best bet! .22 longs would be the choice. Light, easy to carry, kills from a long way off, works in both long gun and hand guns!! There ya go. Also, learn how to make potable (drinkable fresh) water. You'll need it! Also, learn how to move around at night. Do not try to stay in a barricaded place! It WILL fall and everything inside will belong to the ones who gain entry! The best method of survival will be to stay as invisible as possible! Be able to move easily. Learn how to live off of the land. Learn to make shelter. Don't try to carry a camper or even a tent! Maybe a tarp would do. Travel light!! Drink plenty of water. Eat as healthy as possible. Learn to recognize what's edible. Learn how to eat raw meat of certain kinds because making a fire isn't always in your best interests. A fire draws attention. Learn how to preserve some foods. Don't forget to round out your vitamins. You'll still need vitamin C as well as some others. Life will be far different than you ever imagined. The only ones who will do well out of this will be those who are prepared! If you are still in doubt even now, you will not be a survivor! Sorry, but life will NEVER "go back" in your lifetime!!! Third wish it could be that good!! Oh, learn to read a map!! Learn North South East and West and what those directions can do for you!! Gravitate South as winter is cold when you are out in it!! Food is harder to come by as well. Ok, guys, that's my speach.

Good luck to all of you. Again, it's not coming. It's already here!! The ones who will do best are the ones who are prepared! So...prepare!!! 😃


i live in nj and these guys are from south jersey(like me)....the state is weird because up north us southerners basically consider them new yorkers .and they think were like people from alabama.the fed ex guy got fired but his brother is a union prison guard....i know a guy who was in the prison he worked at for 5 years and says he was a racist in with the aryans in the prison.....

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