Trump will win again



In your wife's wet dreams
It was sometimes called abusive moderating.

This thread is a good example of the disparity females face in the workforce. Twice the work for half the respect, or credibility as the tiny man said. ?
I see it as a lack of confidence more than anything, understanding that you may be wrong or knowing when your debate has been rendered useless in the face of fierce intellectual rebuttal and accepting you could be wrong is missing in many men, I see it all the time in business where senior leaders run companies down due to ego


silent ghost
yes the presidents are mere pawns for the elite. "scape goats" as you will.
i remember seeing a speech by ronald reagan. and during his speach a man approached him ( i dont remember who it was) and told him,"come on mr. president,its time to go. during his speech! so,he pretty much left during mid sentence/speech.
id like to say that,if it were me,being the president,id tell him he needs to wait till im done. but! i guess the powers that be,dont let it work that way.


I know A LOT if people hate Trump, but what is the alternative???? We have extremely "progressive" Democrap Candidates running for 2020 election.. who are calling for open borders... health care for them too... gun control... yada yada… I'm NOT ready to give up my culture.. which is ALREADY wilting away with every LEGAL IMMIGRANT (filthy Muslims)not assimilating here... .. I try to imagine a newly elected Dem President... letting in every fucking criminal from 3rd world SHIT HOLES... taking away my right to own firearms... and having to pay NIGGERS reparations for slavery that my ancestors didn't partake in..... NAH.. don't think I live in the burbs of Detroit... most of the crime here is committed by niggers... Yeah... that's going to fly... lemme pay you while you rob me blind... So yeah... Trump isn't perfect.. but I truly believe he has the best interest of our country in mind... Sorry for my writing... I suck at it LOL...


silent ghost
well,its not looking too good for donnie now,these days. the republican [arty is scrambling around now,after trump tweets about the hearing. to me,its a fucking circus . a fucking riot and waste of fucking money.


bgirl,all of your bullshit theories have disappeared as of now and china is buying even rice from our farmers....i bet you wished you didnt write all this dribble because now everyone can see your plain wtong and the tds has fully sunk in


silent ghost
those are the corporate farms. not the "mom and pop" farms. then are dying out.

trump is firing those who opposed him during thr trial. why is that? hes all about
"loyalty". all the while,having affairs all the time.
and now tax time is upon us. the rules have changed for the working class,in favor for the rich and uber rich. lets see how bad i get fucked this year,again. like last year. thought i was going to get a return. instead,i had to pay. hows that? oh yea...cause im not rich.