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Two Black Men Tried To Rob Chinese Man and Paid The Price



Flatus Tube

I have counted to infinity, twice.
Another great feel good video,thanks. Wonder why lots of Chinese wear those Covid masks all the time?
PS after watching it again one of the sneeky fuckers got in his car. Hope the cunts die and the Chinese gent dosn't get in any trouble.
It was his pet chimp, D’Wayne. Either that or it was a mutated lizard man.
They deserve it, and in a fair world he wouldn't be charged with anything. They were armed and robbing him, had they never made that decision, they'd not have gotten shot. He was minding his business and working for a living, not being a punk thief rolling up on what they thought was a defenseless dude.


Yeah, well, that's your opinion
I think he may have screwed up by chasing them and continuing to fire. He had a solid justification for the use of deadly force initially. Now he may get charged with assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault, or something like that.