Two negresses chimp out in court after receiving life sentences for the death of a 3 yr old child


I've always had a MAJOR problem with adults killing children. These turds got off too easy imho!! I'd give these bastards something to squeal about, by making them swallow some of that 105 octane Sunoco gasoline, I use to buy for my Roadrunner back in 1969.

Fuck, "going for the burn."

I'd go for a magnitude 7.8 explosion.

...makes me want to quit paying taxes to the I.R.S!!

...simply disgusting!! :(


is a ghoul
they really do sound like chimpanzees... not so tough now, are we, bitches?

send em straight to the gas chamber, IMO
:ESAD:(lulz, i have been waiting to use this smilie for so long)


Their skin tone really matches with their prison uniforms. Maybe that's another reason why there's so many niggers in jail, they think they have style even when behind bars.
Hahah, behaving like in the 'hood (zoo) even at court.