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Two Raped & Murdered

Discussion in 'Murder & Genocide Images' started by DeathHand, Oct 18, 2016.

  1. DeathHand

    DeathHand Let It All Bleed Out

    Two teenage girls, both 19 years old, were on their way to work on Sept. 5 but never returned home. Family members went out to look for them as others reported them missing to the local police.

    The next day the uncle of one of the girls came upon their bodies in the bush.

    Petrolina, Brazil, Sept. 6, 2016.

    Set 1.



    3. Location where the two teen girls bodies were found.
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  2. DeathHand

    DeathHand Let It All Bleed Out

    Both girls were naked, except for their socks, and they had been bound with strips of their own clothing.

    Each girl had been stabbed in the neck, after being raped, which led to their deaths.

    Set 2.


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  3. DeathHand

    DeathHand Let It All Bleed Out

    Four days later the police closed in on two men as the prime suspects in the rape and murder of the two girls.

    One suspect confessed, giving full details of the crime scene, and also explained that his partner had been watching the girls and knew their routine. This suspect explained that the other suspect called him and they went out and met the girls.

    The two girls were forced off the road and into the bush at knifepoint and then ordered to strip. As the rape began one girl was found to be menstruating and frustrated her rapist because of this. The second teen was raped.

    The confessor stated that one of the girls recognized one of their attackers and after the attack the other suspect stabbed them both in the neck.

    When the police brought the suspects to the local police station they found themselves surrounded by locals who tried to break into the station so that they could lynch the two men. Backup was called in the crowd slowly dispersed.

    Set 3.

    1. Suspect 1

    2. Suspect 2
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  4. Honest One


    They look like total degenerates, one has nasty pubes on his chest. Both their balloon knots r in for some fun.
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  5. rottenfresh

    rottenfresh ummmmm, You smell that? Morbid Mania

    Poor girls, good they caught the two bitchflakes that did this.
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  6. zinfandel

    zinfandel The hair-flip of death

    Why. Didn't. The. Cops. LET THE LYNCH MOB HAVE THEM?????
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  7. Yumisan

    Yumisan Horror Show.

    These sick bastards will be the bitches in jail.
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  8. Airbornemama

    Airbornemama Something Ironic...

    These 2 fucksticks deserve to be lynched alright, hung up by their ball sacks and peen with weight added to their hands and feet so they die slowly stretching said skin. Add a few more tortures in the mix just for shits and giggles.:rage:
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  9. Domino69

    Domino69 In the Prep Room

    Jesus, poor girls, they were both lovely, disgusting to think that they were just trying to go to work and this was what was waiting for them. Do these sick fucks never think 30 seconds after getting their loads off? Should have let the mob have them.
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  10. Sky

    Sky Forum Veteran

    Amputation at loin and wrist and rehabilitate.
  11. Leviathan

    Leviathan Fresh Meat

    Smfh they deserved to get lynched them girls were so beautiful and didn't deserved it, them scum bags deserve what's coming to them
  12. gordge

    gordge NewbieX

    May God Bless them
  13. Dead dad

    Dead dad Lurker

    Nice feet on the last pic
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  14. McM

    McM Krautnigger

    And his head is much too big due the amount of shit inside, disgusting.
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  15. HorrorQueen

    HorrorQueen Lurker

  16. HorrorQueen

    HorrorQueen Lurker

    God the police should have just let the town deal with their punishments concidering they feel they can do what ever the wanted to these poor girls. Scum bags.

    DeathHand- u always put up interesting posts with good info about them I always enjoy them!
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  17. bogies

    bogies Forum Veteran

    I wouldn't usually speak ill of the dead  :whoa: but i think she needed a shower, dem flies
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  18. mjb0206

    mjb0206 Lurker

    Nice bush.