U.S. Army Issues Anti-Suicide Nasel Spray (1 Viewer)


This story is very disturbing. This nasel spray makes them more calm and accept orders better. They want to introduce it to civilians as well. I wonder what effects it would have on soldiers that are say, ordered to shoot civilian protesters on U.S. soil?

I have a better way to stop U.S. soldiers from killing themselves. Pull them out of useless wars that we don't need to be fighting. Soldiers are better at fighting wars that they at least think are for a good cause.


The military suicide rate doubled in July. That's one of our troops, almost every day.

To come up with an answer, the Army recently gave 3 million dollars to a university of Indiana research center, and those researchers came back with this: Anti-Suicide Nasal Spray.

Katie Drummond of The Daily reports researchers found a naturally occuring neurochemical called thyrotropin-releasing hormone, or TRH, that has euphoric, calming, anti-depressant effects. News of the nasal spray comes as a relief to some, who had to endure spinal taps for injections of the medicine.

The Pentagon, which tracks military suicides, reported that troops have committed the act at an 18 percent increase over the same period last year. Now, more troops die by their own hands that by the hands of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The spray is only possible because of advances in "nanotechnology delivery systems." Researchers plan to run a full battery of trials over the next few years, and hopefully put the spray not only in the hands of soldiers, but civilians as well.

The scientists say that applications go beyond anti-depression medications.


Something Ironic...
Jesus aRyan, my girl JUST reported for duty in North Carolina today! Reading this kinda shit absolutely shakes me to the core. I find this so difficult because she's my child and I have to support her, but I do NOT support the War! This is hard to deal with.:(


What an arsehole
Short Bussed
What do you folk expect?
They want compliant good little worker ants to make them wealthier and more powerful.

Time Bomb

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It's really not funny but every time I watch this video I do have to laugh because it reminds me of my teenage years trying to walk down to the convenience store on acid or get to a friends house. A mighty journey indeed. :p

"Starting to feel it working now right? Okay great, now here take this rocket launcher!"

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