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Trauma Hound

Fresh Meat
Some old doodles. I don't draw much, if at all anymore, but I'll add anything if I do. I really don't have the patience anymore.



I really wish I could finish these:

Trauma Hound

Fresh Meat
Animals, monsters, and shit from games. I prefer my monsters tho. Used to draw furries, a long long long time ago. Then I hit puberty or smthn.


My gift to you, a Nightmare of terror
I want the wolf with the dream catcher!! And number one, three, five and six. Awesome work, I don't know why you quit but you should start again. Awesome! And number 7!!!


The Other Green Menace
Nice works. You should start a comic regarding this forum.

Here is an upload of the skull drawing, at least for me it was all white, and couldn't see anything:


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