UN ~ Iran: Fail In Talks


Let It All Bleed Out
Iran talks failure sparks confrontation fears

VIENNA/TEHRAN (Reuters) - The U.N. nuclear watchdog's latest mission to Iran failed to budge a defiant Tehran over its disputed nuclear program, sending oil prices to a nine-month high over fears of an increasing risk of confrontation with the West.

The United States criticized Iran on Wednesday over the collapse of the International Atomic Energy Agency's talks in Tehran, saying it again showed the Islamic Republic's refusal to abide by international obligations over its nuclear program.

Expressing defiance, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Iran's nuclear policies would not change despite mounting international pressure against what the West says are Tehran's plans to obtain nuclear bombs.

"With God's help, and without paying attention to propaganda, Iran's nuclear course should continue firmly and seriously," he said on state TV. "Pressures, sanctions and assassinations will bear no fruit. No obstacles can stop Iran's nuclear work."

A team from the Vienna-based IAEA had hoped to inspect a site at Parchin, southeast of Tehran, where the agency believes there is a facility to test explosives. But the IAEA said Iran "did not grant permission."

The failure of the two-day IAEA visit could hamper any resumption of wider nuclear negotiations between Iran and six world powers - the United States, China, Russia, Britain, France and Germany - as the sense grows that Tehran feels it is being backed into a corner.

The standoff has rattled oil markets. On Wednesday, London-traded benchmark Brent crude for April delivery rose for a third day - up $1.24 a barrel at $122.90, a nine-month high. U.S. crude futures for April were up 3 cents at $106.28 a barrel.

In Washington, White House spokesman Jay Carney said the United States was evaluating Iran's intentions.

"This particular action (over the IAEA mission) by Iran suggests that they have not changed their behavior when it comes to abiding by their international obligations," Carney told reporters.

Iran rejects accusations that its nuclear program is a covert bid to develop a nuclear weapons capability, saying it is seeking to produce only electricity.

As Western sanctions mount, ordinary Iranians are suffering from the effects of soaring prices and a collapsing currency. Several Iranian nuclear scientists have been killed over the past two years in bomb attacks that Tehran has blamed on its arch-adversary Israel.
Major oil importer Japan was in final talks with Washington on an agreement for cuts in Iranian crude oil imports that could amount to a higher-than-expected 20 percent or more a year, a newspaper reported on Thursday.

China, India and Japan, the top three buyers of Iranian oil, are all planning cuts of at least 10 percent. They buy about 45 percent of Tehran's crude exports.

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These are great days we're living, bros
Honest, these shits are going to start the next war that will draw us all in.
yeah... I hope you mean the jews...

Iran, from my point of view, has done fuck all but defend the moral standpoint some other arabs (persians, arabs whatever) from jews with pretty cool looking bulldozers who were given free land by the UN at one point in time. Iran builds a power plant, the jews release the stuxnet virus. Mossad is also actively assassinating people in Iran. I'm pretty sure this is the definition of terrorism. Iran tries to blow up some dudes in retaliation last week and fails miserably. According to CNN, Iran is a terrorist now. Stuxnet is still a "mystery". Iran, up until this point, has never launched an attack on anything besides another country with another dictator the USA actively supported in the past... and then turned on - Iraq. Is US foreign policy an actual document, or just a chessboard some old republican faggots play? All the while this is happening, UN suits try to hold meetings with iran, and come out "frustrated". Cue Russia & China, as always zero fucks are given, and rightly so. Some Iranian army dude threatens to cut off oil supplies via the straights, basically their only card until they get some nukes, and almost instantly the US puts out a release it will blow them to hell and be back home by 9 to fuck the missus. Stock markets go up again!

If anyone here feels personally threatened by Iran, I'd really like to hear your reasons why. Especially if you're a jew defended by 100+ nuclear weapons, and a seemly endless supply of free cash and accessories from uncle sam.
And as an american, why should you give a fuck if Israel goes to war. Don't worry, Germany will help them anyway because being guilty is a national pastime that will last 1000 years. If I had my way, I'd kill everyone involved in the UN, put them against a wall and blast them with machine guns or strangle them with their own ties. "stay the fuck out of my business, I'll stay out of yours ". That shall be the motto of the new UN formed after it.

I don't give a fuck about Israel, or really even Iran for that matter, but if you knowingly sit your ass someplace you are not welcome, surrounded by people you know hate you, preach your bullshit and move in on others, you fucking deal with it, don't go crying to the rest of us about being wiped out and persecuted. If WW3 comes, I am not fighting for these retards we trust with big decisions, I'd rather cut their throats. They can fight their own fucking wars this time.

Iran (its leaders) are just trying to preserve themselves by having the bomb, not seeking to destroy us all. They've watched us in the west destroy or help destroy the regimes of Iraq, afghanistan, libya, egypt... probably syria next... point is they need some insurance, like pakistan has, not nukes specifically for ww3: jews get punished


silent ghost
yeah... If WW3 comes, I am not fighting for these retards we trust with big decisions, I'd rather cut their throats. They can fight their own fucking wars this time.
bro if ww3 comes you wont need to fight. itll be an all out nuclear mantage. no troops,no fighter plane. just push a red button and kiss your ass goodbye! im not big into the prophets and theyre quatrains,but.... things at this point in societys life seem to be falling into place. maybe nostradamus might be right this time?thw mayan calander is saying things will come to an end on 21 dec 2012 anyway....


These are great days we're living, bros
if that mayan calendar rock was smaller the world would have ended in 1983, luckily I don't believe what rocks say...

well if a nuclear war does begin, I have a rather large country to hide in, I'm more worried about the zerg rush we'll have to deal with afterwards, from one of our many impoverished asian neighbours with a billion ppl


Let It All Bleed Out
yeah... I hope you mean the jews...
It wasn't very clear the way I typed it, but I meant BOTH. I hold no prejudice against the Jews and I hold no prejudice against the Iranians (by that, I don't mean that the Iranians represent all Muslims - I just mean Iran in the context of this thread).

But those who are taking sides with prejudice, you still have to admit that if Iran and Israel continue like this that something is bound to happen eventually. The 2 boys that hate eachother always meet after school.