Van Does PIT Maneuver On Slow-Moving Freeway Driver...LOL...LOL...LOL... (1 Viewer)

Ward Cleaver

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Sky said:
Maybe a kid in the back, mom behind the wheel?

Maybe this...maybe that...maybe...maybe...etc., etc.

Regardless of who was behind the wheel, if a driver is gonna just stay in the show-off lane...then he, or she, needs to be getting their ass up the road...instead of driving the same speed as the cars in the right lane.

Also, the driver of that van performed a flawless PIT maneuver.

By the time the driver of that Prius got his, or herself, turned around and back into the flow of traffic...that van was long gone.

Overall, this is a very satisfying video to watch...from any perspective.
A satisfaction score of 10 out of 10.


Ward Cleaver

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Brainfart said:
Hope the car filming didn't narc...

I have a feeling they didn't.

They were laughing about it and seemed to think it was pretty cool.

I don't think any driver out there really gave a damn.
Most of them were probably chuckling...just like the young guys filming it.

And the people in the show-off lane were probably glad to have that Prius out of the way.


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Pretty sure that's from the UK. And we drive on the left, so the Prius was driving in the inside lane probably waiting to turn off the motorway. Either way I hate priuses and their owners .
Love it, get the fuck out off the highway if you aren't going to drive the speed limit. People who drive under, or slow down before signaling deserve this and so much more.

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