video game ideas


what do you think would make a cool game?

i'd like to see a gta clone that's 100% online and is a drug dealing game. a game where you have to work your way up to the top and stay there. game money would actually matter (unlike gta).

recruit other players and make gangs -

self explanatory. same concept as clans/guilds. power in numbers, right?

expansive player creation -

player creation so deep, you'd rarely see a double of the same look.

gameplay -

basically gta shooting and driving but with drugs. drug use will gradually change the players appearance. if you smoke crack/heroin/meth/ect you will eventually form an addiction. once addiction is in full effect the players character will be dependent on their fix. different drugs, different effects. you'd only be able to carry what you could fit on your person (a hand gun and a knife would take up 2/3 open slots), until you buy/upgrade to clothing with more pockets (like a trenchcoat) or a bookbag. usable car trunks for transport. actual "9-5" jobs around the game world if dealing isn't your thing. player could also be cops if they wanted. stealing cars would be harder, instead the players would buy cars.

you buy and sell drugs in an open market alongside other real life players -

there would be a couple of choices to choose from in the negotiation/deal menu. the dealer sets the price of whatever he'd be selling, followed by a yes/no/rob decision. the deal only goes through if both parties (dealer and buyer) accept the set price.

1 life per character -

players have to play wisely. this game wouldn't be mindless shooting (i think), instead only relying on gun play when needed. or to be a dick. if you get shot in the leg, your leg will never heal back to 100%. amputations for bad injuries (car wrecks, ect). wounds would take game time to heal. all battle-wounds would stay permanently on the player. players would also have to go to the hospitals if they're wounded and bleeding bad. when the character does die, the person would have to create another one, losing all progress, money and rank in the game.

still not set on an appropriate name for this beauty yet...