Video Security & 911 Call Thwart Home Burglary "MUST SEE..."


Expected to be impressed.
The WiLife System was one the best purchases she has made. It was very easy to set up and the customer support was great.

being robbed last October, a women continued having a feeling that someone
was entering the house without her knowledge. So she set up the video
surveillance system to help figure out what was going on. Then on
Wednesday April 8th, She had a strange feeling there was a problem at her
house. She logged onto the live streaming feature and there was a man
standing in her living room attempting to rob her again! She called 911
from 30 miles away and the police were at her home in literally 4
minutes. They had her whole house surrounded. The criminals did not get
away with anything other than the cheese they ate from her refrigerator.

was a very strange feeling watching her house being robbed and feeling
helpless. But in the end, due to this system, they were unable to steal
from her again and went straight to jail.

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