*WARNING CHILD ABUSE* Mother of the year!

Drives backwards

It's exactly the same, but totally different
She didn't even have a weapon to inflict serious pain.

This kid'll have to harden the fuck up before he gets to school.

A weapon??
Can you imagine the pain that comes from the very one you are supposed to turn to being the one inflicting the pain you suffer with?? That woman IS the weapon. 😢

Bloody Kisses

I see dead people.
This Russian/Ukrainian whore seems to be taking the regret of her street walking days out on that baby. It is highly distressing.

whats even more distressing is the baby calling her ‘mama’ during that ordeal. That’s when i lost it. This bitch needs to pay. I don’t give a fuck as to what mental issues she’s got going on, but this whore from the country of whores needs to die...SOON.