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Man trying to resurrect grandmother causes $30,000 in damage to cemetery, TN cops say
Summer Lin
Miami Herald Thu, October 8, 2020, 5:05 PM EDT

Police said a Tennessee man caused nearly $30,000 in damages to a church cemetery because he was trying to resurrect his dead grandmother.
Knoxville officers responded to reports of vandalism on Monday and when they arrived, they noticed broken headstones and “dug up spots on the ground,” WVLT reported.
Deputies said a witness told them a homeless man was damaging the cemetery, according to the media site.
According to deputies, Danny Frazier told them that he damaged the cemetery to try to resurrect his dead grandmother, who was buried at the cemetery, WBIR reported.

Frazier was arrested on Oct. 6 and charged for causing between $10,000 to $60,000 in vandalism, according to inmate records.
Frazier is being held at Roger D. Wilson Detention Facility on a $20,000 bond, according to inmate records.


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I'm gonna laugh when his still living grandmother has to go bail his ass out. Either that or it turns out she was cremated.

Gone crazy back soon

Close the window, it's getting whiney in here
Even though he inherited her recipe catalogue, it's just not the same when he tries to bake her cookies. Something is just missing, let's just call it talent


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Everyone knows you take the corpse to a pet cemetery...Der!!!
Depends, thigh bones are good luck in African mines, finger bones for modern witch necklaces, skulls and teeth bring money in several ways. Bones in walls keep demons out. Pet cemetery is if you hated them and wanted to bring a sick twisted version of themselves back to terrorise the my pointless world.

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