Weirdest movies you have ever seen?


Fresh Meat
I know you weirdo's have seen some really mindfucked movies before. post them here!

Weirdest movies Iv seen:
1. Eraserhead
2. Being John Malkovich
3. The Holy Mountain
4. Brazil
5. Un Chien Andalou
6. Naked Lunch
7. Videodrome
8. Revolver
9. Mulholland Dr
10. Lost Highway
11. Inland Impire
12. Synecdoche New York
13. Rubber
14. Feed

There's probably more weird ones Iv seen but this is the list so far that I know of. Whats your list?
Weathergirl (or anything Japanese)
Twin Peaks- Fire Walk With Me (And everything by David Lynch)
Naked Lunch
City of Lost Children
Bad Boy Bubby
The Cars That Ate Paris
The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover
Dark City

I've really enjoyed most of these except Weathergirl, David Lynch is a hit or miss as he's sometimes too weird to the point where some of his movies just fall over.


son of satan
Visitor Q (everything else by Takashi Miike)
Insland Empire
What is it? (You can only find it on bootleg)
Flaming Creatures
Science of sleep



Tried watching this on acid with my friends Jen and Laura when I was 16-17 years old.. after about twenty minutes I couldn't take it anymore, asked them to turn it off. They refused. I went into Jen's brothers room the rest of the night and wouldn't go back into Jens room even after the movie was over, lol.


your friendly neighbor
I was very THC-ed but this has to be the most STUPID film I've ever seen.. plz do not buy or rent it.
If you like this you must be 7 or very low educated. Or on some other drugs.


What the heck!
John dies at the end
Clockwork Orange
Napoleon dynamite
Pink Floyd the wall
Scary movie
Rosemary's baby
Naked gun

And many more .....


Fresh Meat
Bad Boy Bubbly

40 minutes of wtf, and then 40 minutes of random adventures. That sums it up.

I know I've seen more fucked movies but can't think of any else atm.


Short Bussed's so bad it's good in a very bad way LOL.



fuck the system
the fear for speed

i thougt it was a good action movie with nice cars an shit but it was more a wanabe porn movie with street racers
its fun when you are bored to dead otherwise it sucks