Well I thought I'd share this.

Mr uncledilf

Mr uncledilf

Alpha male
Not your bed, your bed is likely far far worse, cum stains, little poop skiddles, crumbs, gravy stains, and take away cartons.. no?
Well some cum stained socks and underwear that stand up and walk on their own cause they are solid with old skiddies.. but yes, tis my bed.. and tis my body impression including the extra bits


Get to running when the Ghoul is a coming. πŸ’€
Engrish....es ist the universal language, bruv. Words are dainty bon bons to be popped into one's mouth and savoured, endlessly. I make much ado for everything and joy rains down from the gods' bladders for you.
Like.... I think? I'll dance in the gods pee and sniff Hersey bars in joy and Glee loke life fliuds of my enemies. :ysoserious: