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I made a marriage themed song! Art in the video is also mine and I had to censor it because it got wiped out from youtube once already. Give it ears

By the power vested on me by God and by the power
in His Word and Holy Spirit which lives in me,
I now pronounce you Husband and Wife.
You may now kiss the bride.

-Baby I love you!
I love myself too and you know what?..

I'll make you cry,
untill you become dry,
fragile like a husk,
which eventually dissolves to dust.
Repent and struggle if you must, just,
lubricate your rust,
because otherwice we are a bust.

Lovely pair with mutual disgust, in between,
it doesn't work as we have seen,
I got better things to do with my time,
sadly our paths don't rhyme,

You strip naked for a single dime,
because you're tedious like a lime,
filled with your disgusting pussy slime,
Oh god why are you even alive, it's a crime.

Now, time to lay off the cripples
Stuff my asshole with oversized pickles

Embrace my crotch and rub my nipples
Do it harder oh my god that tickles

Fondle my shiny glans with your dimples
Pierce my red hot testicles with needles

Hit me there baby, I want my boner to sprain
Oh baby please, you don't need to restrain

Blow and spin it around like a weather vane
Fucking do it till my piss starts to rain

Getting exhausted aren't we, please don't complain
What's the point in pain, if there's no gain?

Nobody's going to hurt you baby you got nothing to fear
I'm not really all that angry this specific time of year
What the fuck bitch, stop avoiding me and come near
Fucking get on me and ride I can drive and steer

I'll munch your fucking twat till the next dawn
Even if sucking that deceased muff doesn't turn me on
I'll mangle your sorry little breasts with all my brawn
Sorry, what was it? Did you say it hurts? Oh yawn.

-Beat me with a dildo, that's okay.

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