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Monsanto are perhaps the largest and most powerful chemical company in the world today! They literally made their mark on the world with the advent of 'Agent Orange' the notorious dioxin laden defoliant that the U.S govt sprayed over Vietnam during the war and which is still mutating the genes of the Vietnamese people, and killing them today! They are probably most well known these days for 'Roundup', another herbicide poison which is sold in shops all over the planet as a harmless, environmentally friendly weed killer! The fact that it also kills insects and everything else it's sprayed on, is another story.
What they should be known for though, and what far too many people remain ignorant of, is that they are right now in the advanced stages of seizing control of the world's food industry by means of a program of full spectrum domination! For people who are awake, Monsanto is a name synonymous with greed, lies, corporate fascism and GMO's !! If ever Satan was to be the CEO of a company, it would be Monsanto!! They have infiltrated the govt of the U.S! They are in control of the FDA which was originally put there to police companies like theirs! They have countless politicians, greased up and pocketed, so as to get their untested and highly toxic products on the market without testing or simply with fraudulent data which backs their claims about safety! They are also systematically killing off all competition; not only in the corporate sense, but in very practical terms as well, literally destroying naturally evolved biosphere so as to leave everyone with only one final choice...their GMO shit or starve!! Monsanto are working closely with Bill Gates on the global eugenics program as well....recently even Bono the fucking sell out faggot from U2 announced his intentions of working with them on a plan to 'help Africa' This is a euphemism for enslave them through dependence and depopulate through sterilization, disease, and infertility! Monsanto plan to introduce their single generation seeds to the Africans; seeds that need to be purchased every year from Monsanto, because they are deliberately engineered so they won't regenerate. They are also designed to be resistant to roundup!! So anyone who begins growing with them, becomes dependent on constant resupply by Monsanto if they want to keep growing. There's no going back! This is a crime against humanity on a scale that is unprecedented! This is ecocide on a scale that is unprecedented! And this is greed at a level that defies comprehension! MONSANTO are going to cause an irreversible environmental disaster of global proportions by tampering with the very codes of life. Like chimpanzees playing with matches in a fucking gunpowder plant, they have no idea what they're about to do!

BUT...that's not all........

Now this........


We're fucked!!



Ah fuck, i see these trails all the time out here. Was sitting in the back yard and seen a few the other night while the moon was full. Was wondering what the fuck that shit really is up there. I see them all the time as well though, even during the day.
I need to look into this further, and i will.

The fact that seedless plants cross pollinate and destroy the seeds of normal crops is something I've known about and have had an issue with for ages. As far as some sort of bio toxin, its new to me.


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Selling seeds to Africa? Hell they can't grow anything now. After the "land repatriation" laws enacted by every single African county, not a single one can produce enough food for its own people. Save for SA, whose government resisted such sweeping and irrational laws. So what does the 'oppressed' black man do? Murder. Over 10% of SA's farmers have been murdered since the desegregation.


This is why I think capitalism and democracy can't coexist in balance. The greed of capitalism undermines the democractic process and ensures large private corporations like Monsanto, halliburton, BP, Exxon Mobil can thrive so long as their political "contributions" continue.


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Another docu about them :

The main problem is that this kind of information is put on late hours on tv if it even gets shown.
In germany we had several shows on/about Monsanto in the past years, but they aired at 10.30 pm or 11 pm - one even after midnight.
Its a shame ´cos the people who should know about it will not be up that late... but i guess thats just another coincidence.

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