What famous singers do you hate watching or listening to? (it does not have to be a current celeb)


Absolute cunt when not fed.
Horrifically bad
Princess superstar - badbaby sitter
Emilia - big big world
Daphne and Celeste - anything they vomited out
The rasmus - in the shadows
Chico - all of his shit

This is a small handful but just typing this shit has made me feel nauseous.... I dare you to listen.


My Screw Driver
dumb cunts like:

lil pump and all the rappers of new generation.
justin bieber
lil wayne
chris brown
nicki minaj ( annoying plastic bitch )
justin timberlake and snoop dogg too.
all singers of k-pop shit really piss me the fuck off
nick cannon too. i hate this nigger, man
i also hate brazilian funk, and samba.

Would it have been easier just to say who you do like? And do you want to kill all mankind or just a few?


These are great days we're living, bros
Music I don't like is garbage I don't listen too, hearing it doesn't trigger me I just change the channel. The thing that shivers me timbers the most is the talentless hacks the music industry hold in high regard and the trash marketed to children. Bieber isn't a musician, neither is Kate Perry or any other glorified eye-candy vocalist who doesn't know how to compose their own music or write lyrics. They're puppets.

Now, niggers... Why is it when someone copies a book it's called plagiarism but when niggers and white trash do it with old songs it's a perfectly fine display of talent? What is it with blacks and theft?