What famous singers do you hate watching or listening to? (it does not have to be a current celeb)



aye murph . Your poor fuckin country . You all will be worshiping the moon god monolith or hiding in the woods in 10 years aye ?

Ghotz: Everyone knows that the 'moon god monolith' has been dead for years. It seems he died while attempting 'Autoerotic Asphyxiation.' Okay, gotta go - I need to get back to my wolf's lair in the woods before it gets dark. You sound a bit condescending, mate. Aye, my 'poor fucking country'.


Music I don't like is garbage I don't listen too, hearing it doesn't trigger me I just change the channel. The thing that shivers me timbers the most is the talentless hacks the music industry hold in high regard and the trash marketed to children. Bieber isn't a musician, neither is Kate Perry or any other glorified eye-candy vocalist who doesn't know how to compose their own music or write lyrics. They're puppets.
Now, niggers... Why is it when someone copies a book it's called plagiarism but when niggers and white trash do it with old songs it's a perfectly fine display of talent? What is it with blacks and theft?
D.O.A. (Dumb. Offensive. Asshole.) You seem to be living within a fucked-up delusional state of mind most of the time. If the world is fortunate, 2019 will find you permanently ABSENT. When I first became a member, you were one of the nastiest people I'd ever experienced online. Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but you think your comments are so deeply Holy and Sacred with regard to the Black Race. After all this time, haven't you learned how to treat other people? What a piece of white trash you are.

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Morressey / The Smiths
Joy Division
David Bowie ( mainly since i found out he was a nonce )
The Beatles
Robbie Williams
Any of that stupid gargoyle metal
Most American punk ( even more so the Green Day Blink 182 era ) but i like The Offspring

I own this t shirt.. it gets me a lot of disapproval :lol: One person said ' I bet you wouldn't dare wear that shirt around Liverpool' i replied ' Why the hell would i want to go to Liverpool in the first place?? '


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Ed Helms.
Even when he's not singing he's just creepy in a way that if someone told me he only felches HIV+ trans's it wouldn't surprise me.