what gore related things do you fantasize about? (1 Viewer)


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Whenever I see a woman with sloppy tits I picture myself stapling her melons to the table 😂

Too late...

Bill M

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Too late...
I think I saw you at Home Depot

You wont do it because of your genes.
I guess you're sort of correct. The reason I don't act on these impulses is because of my normal genetics and I'm not a burger flipping psychopath with the social skills of a dimwitted autistic three toed sloth.

Why did your parents have to meet
Be thankful they did meet and kept their toxic DNA confined to a small breeding pod. God forbid if they mated with the general population, it would be
The Hills Have Eyes Nashville edition.
i find myself thinking about what it would feel like to murder someone often, its an impulsive urge i would never give into but my curiosity cant help itself. on the other hand i also fantasize of what it would feel like to be murdered often too.
Killing isnt fun anymore, rape and torture is way better i think? XD

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