What is the most violent thing you've ever done to a human? (1 Viewer)


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I accidentally caused the death of an elderly resident. I was an STNA, one of the other workers pushed R to me. R was Asian that had dementia and couldn't remember much English. Anyway, I wasn't assigned to her and didn't know she was paralyzed on the left side of her body. All I knew was I never seen her walk. I took her to the bathroom, and helped her onto the toilet. I left her for maybe one minute to get a diaper before I heard a very loud THUD. R had leaned forward, hitting her forehead onto the wall and fell to the floor. Long story short, she had brain bleeding, and died after a few days. I quit after that accident.


Out of body
Stabbing someone lol long story
Or cutting someone when they wanted me to but doing it way way to bad. Lol when they turn white it usually isn’t what they expected.
I accidentally broke a guys nose at a Slipknot concert 11 years ago.
I’m supposed to believe you sucked a guys cock so hard that you somehow broke his nose at a slipknot concert? Yeah if it was gonna happen anywhere of course there but no way this is true guy. Get outta her FAKE NEWS!!!!

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