What phone do you have? What do you want?

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what phone you have?

what would you like to upgrade to?
I have a motorola droidx2 atm but am now in the market for a new phone and have spend the past couple days checking out what's on the market. It's pretty much down to the Galaxy S3 now - mostly because of the icecream sandwich 4.04 and the full html5 web support... meaning visiting GG in crisp and full fucking colour as if it were on a pc!!! :tampon:
Does anyone have this phone or have a sibling such as the nexus? Any suggestions? I bound to upgrade and keep my unlimited data plan lol so pls don't suggest i wait 3 months or something. The int'l version of this phone has quad-core however the only one available at this time per my carrier is the duel-core model :( But i can live with not having that.


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I have the Samsung Galaxy S 2 for my personal use and a Samsung Dart for work. I love the Galaxy S my fav is the size and the quality/color of the screen. I am sure the 3 is even better. It is fast too:D

Oh and the 8 mp camera takes very nice pics.

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i also have the Galaxy S 2 and i love it, its a great phone, i traded my Iphone 4 for the Galaxy S 2 and im very happy with the trade


got an s3 monday :) had s2 before! both brilliant phones.but i do prefer the look n feel of the s2 better.the speaker on the s3 pisses me off because if you put your phone down on it's back totaly muffles the sound.may be a case will sort that prob out? the s3 really is the mutts nuts tho.get one you won't be dissapointed.pebble blue:4thelulz:if anyone needs any help with the s3 i'll do my best.


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I have the Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate. The screen is big and looks good when it's not freezing up to the point of needing a battery pull, which is 3 times a day. This piece of shit is so unreliable. It overheats, restarts on its own, doesn't stream worth a dog shit and often the buttons will take up to three seconds to respond. I want a Droid Bionic or an HTC. Fuck Samsung.

Ugh. First world problems.


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I have a Samsung Galaxy S3, got it 2 weeks ago. Its an amazing phone and I don't think I will need a new phone for years to come.
Holy shit, am I the first applefag to post in here? Everyone I know has the 4s. I had the HTC Incredible for a year and got so much shit for not having an iPhone. :(

This is my baby, 32g:

All in all, I miss my HTC. I miss how I could personalize it beyond recognition, and the Rooting process wasn't as difficult as the Jailbreaking process with the 4s. However, I've had my 4s for 9 months now, and it still runs just as fast and just as well as the first day I got it. By far the best quality phone I've ever had. And I've dropped it more than ten times now, no cracks at all. :)