what song do you want played at your funeral?

Cold Ethyl

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If I were to have a funeral I would say anything Alice cooper , but since I've told everyone to donate me to science and have a party guess they will play what ever they want


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"Black Sabbath"

What is this that stands before me?
Figure in black which points at me
Turn around quick, and start to run
Find out I'm the chosen one
Oh no

Big black shape with eyes of fire
Telling people their desire
Satan's sitting there, he's smiling
Watches those flames get higher and higher
Oh no, no, please God help me

Is it the end, my friend?
Satan's coming 'round the bend
people running 'cause they're scared
The people better go and beware
No, no, please, no


pretty straight forward. you can list one or several songs, but maybe explain the importance of your favorite song on the list.

lateralus by tool would be my top choice. the entire thrust of the song is to embrace life...warts and all...with the goal of transcending humanity, to drop all the bullshit and grasp a deeper meaning, a personal journey into divinity.
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