What TV Shows U Watching?

Cold Ethyl

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Making a Murderer season two. I still think it was the most corrupt and sloppy piece of forensics I've seen.
I binge watched season 1 of this yesterday going to start season 2 today when I get home. Still not sure where I stand on the murder hoping season 2 fills in some more info .


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Current shows
Silicon Valley
The good fight
Amazing race
Hell's Kitchen and the other one he does , can't think of it right now.
The late show with Steve Colbert
Game of thrones
New Amsterdam
House of cards soon to be last season

Current shows I watch but are seriously getting old and tiresome or Ive lost interest in...
The walking dead
Chicago pd
Chicago med
Law and order suv
Big Bang theory
South Park
Family guy
Dr who
Arrested development

Shows I enjoy but no longer air
All the CSI shows except that stupid computer crime one
Crossing Jordan
King of the hill
Sienfeld (haven't seen all episodes yet)
All star treks
The modern battle star Galactica
Alpha house
Twilight zone
The good wife


Let It All Bleed Out
I had read that the Haunting of Hill House was supposed to be super scary shit so I hit it up on Netflix.

I binged through the 1st season in about 3 nights and well, was pretty much confused all the way through. Very quickly the episodes/scenes became predictable (you just knew when the dead person was going to appear or open their eyes) but things just seemed to get even more convoluted.

The whole idea of the house (the room I got) made no sense at all even in the end and I was just kinda shaking my head.

But some really spot on acting from all. The only one that I wasn't impressed with was the guy who played Luke.

I'd give it 3 Nells out of 10.