What TV Shows U Watching?

rewatching dr. phil show's 2 part chris watts interview for the 3rd time . have read the transcript and listened to the entire 5 hours prison interview twice not to mention engaging in a multitude of youtube livestream discussions concerning the watts murder case confession. yeah ...addicted :p shows below and 5 part confession at youtube. also full transcripts pdf files and investigators reports can be googles online
2 part special: below
Exclusive: Chris Watts’ Full Confession. His Daughter’s Final Words
Exclusive: Grieving Parents React to Chris Watts Confession
with my medievil carved wooden tankard (filled it with hot corn meal just like what serf's eat) i sat glued to final season episode 1 of game of thrones then rushed several hours later to friends and watched it again like the loser nerd GOT author george r. r. martin has made me into
Last season of Scandal
Riverdale(I have no idea why but I regret that time is gone from my life forever)
First 48(2 and half episodes...got distracted and forget about watching the rest of the marathon they had going on A&E)