What TV Shows U Watching?


i miss r/watchpeopledie :(
At work instead of working I’ve been binge watching 90 Day Fiancé , prolly fake drama but God dammit the cast are almost all retarded. It’s reality gold.
Binge watched American Civil War, Stranger Things, Robert Kennedy for President, The Rain, Firefly, and best of all, German series Dark...probably the best thing I've watched. Twin Peaks meets Stranger Things meets Stephen Hawking.


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Hill Street Blues

...boy did those writers get away with some shit. Never, ever would that happen today.
I know what you mean I remember it well.loved Renko Belker Lucy and JD made me laugh never really got the Henry character. As you say with a lot of shows from that era you couldn’t do it now the snowflakes would have a melt down. Once Renko said he hit me on the head with a ball peen hammer,to this day if me or the missis hurts their head we put a Renko voice on and say the line. Hill Street Blues one of the best series ever.