What TV Shows U Watching?


silent ghost
i binge watched the series "POWER". also based on a true story of drug activity in NYC. amongst other things...
the character "Tommy", is one who i liked the best. straight up dude.

Same shows ^
Bits n piece of some cooking shows like You Gotta Eat Here..and some renovation shows like Holmes on Homes. Didn't watch any full episodes though. Some of its interesting, some not so much.
Holmes on Homes ~ Not bad for a few episodes. Insightful at times but the whole attitude "I can do it better than anyone else..." "They were cutting corners, they lazy" "They should have done this, that..." by Holmes and those that work for or with him gets a bit redundant. Its understandable really but its a bit much at times is all I'm sayin. Sure there are many crooks out there but some are just going by the way they were taught...even if its wrong. Fucking holier than thou pieces of shit.

Still a good show. I'm calm. perfectly so.
Just some season 5...maybe 6 of Shameless. Shit is funny as fuck but hard to follow drunk.
Not much else...I sometimes see Renovations shows on HGTV. Some of it makes wonder...What if?? y'know???
Anyone else watching better call Saul?

That’s all I watch... well that’s not true.. I watch mike Tyson’s mysteries and family guy at bedtime to help me zone out but there is only so many times I can watch that stuff.

My dog snores and it’s hard to focus on sleep with her next to me lol