What would you do if you began to see that your parent could be a killer? (1 Viewer)

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My dad lol no, he is the kind of bloke that moves snails off the pavement so they dont get trod on, as for my mum she could kill you by over feeding you but thats about it.

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anyone remember this classic? :glasses:



go about living my life as always. their business is theirs. mine is mine. if they shared that info with me? still the same just carry on with life. i wouldn't lose any sleep over it. love em no matter what. simple


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My dad lol no, he is the kind of bloke that moves snails off the pavement so they dont get trod on, as for my mum she could kill you by over feeding you but thats about it.
Mine tells stories about killing foxes on the spot by throwing 70mph beer cans at their ribs. 🤣

…that’s actually very serial killer-ey now that I read it back. Huh.

Do fill us in on this "psychological profile"
Don’t want to reveal too much hehe. Still gotta cover for the old man just in case.
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What would you do if you found out a parent of yours matched the psychological profile compiled for an uncaught local serial killer?
Number 1: I wouldn't be surprised
Number 2: I would be surprised.
Number 3: Move on with my life and be grateful my parents didn't kill me when they could have if they wanted.
Number 4: Tell myself I'm crazy and I'm just trying to make sense of the senseless and smoke some weed so I could feel normal again and tell myself it was just a bad dream.
Number 5: Go through life feeling no closure. Grieving everyday when I should be living and celebrating life. No friends,no family,no love,feeling left behind,suicidal thoughts,going on gore sights because that's where porn takes me when a man is watching porn around me,questioning myself and my sanity,feeling alone and doomed, pretending I'm a human being, telling my parents I never asked to be born,taking my own life cause I can't go home and my parents want me gone and to this very day I make up stories for others about my parents and I lie about how good they are and pretend that they love me even though I know they don't,denying rumours concerning my parents,standing up for them despite that they never wanted me, forcing myself to run my daily errands and routines like walking or cleaning or cooking because my depression is a ten and that means me having to force myself to do basic things cause I am nearly catatonic and when you're catatonic your muscles have a mind of their own,muscles carry memories, so in my next life when I am reunited with my parents my muscles will probably start spazzin and when that happens my parents won't care.
If I bring up my last life or speak of this one it won't make any difference. If my parents tell me they are killers I will never allow myself to have friends again in fear that my parents would make them disappear.
Number 6: Blood is blood,so as much as I dislike my parents,that doesn't give anyone the permission to harm them. Those are my parents you're talking about. Yes,they might just be awful people,but that's none of your business,and this is MY family,and I will handle it,so fuck off.


If he’s a serial killer I definitely inherited that desire. I’ve found very little to discredit that suspicion, but I don’t think I could prove it either. A lot jumps out at me, he ticks all the boxes. Even if I knew without a doubt I wouldn’t consider turning him in, though. Another man stands accused of these murders that happened decades ago right around the time my father was at his most volatile, but he’s never been formally charged with them. They think they have their guy, so that makes me think that the real guy could be my dad who would essentially be home-free at this point.
It seems with the new DNA tech no one is home-free for ever.

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Both of my parents have been dead a long time, so if they dug themselves out and started killing people.... Well. That would be a whole other story, wouldn't it....?

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I wish for a nuclear winter.
Both of my parents are actually fucked. Mom has sadistic tendencies and dad is a compulsive liar and sociopath. While apparently the latter makes up for a good trait to become very successful in law enforcement and business(go figure).
I Have to say that both of them are super social and likeable people. If you ever met them you couldn't tell they are pieces of shit at all. Because people like this are good at hiding things up until the point where you cross them.
I know for a fact that my dad's killed a bunch of people and I saw him personally beat people a few times and then casually laugh about it later on with his other cop friends.
Both of them are very influential and they surround themselves with other influential people. So even if they did get caught doing something they shouldn't they would get away with it.
I know a relative of hours was involved in a car accident where he hit someone on the crosswalk. No one died but he by all means he should've gone to prison for it. Except that the old man had his friends convince the judge it was actually the victims fault the accident happened and he got away with it:rofl:
Shit like this will destroy your fate in the system and the world to some degree. But to answer the question, I guess I would do nothing because I benefit from them in some ways. And I also don't give a fuck.