When A Drug Trial Goes Wrong: Emergency At The Hospital (Medical Documentary)

Should be in documentaries in Viral Vid... Im fussy about where shit is posted, you can never find it again...

I remember it also, because someone said that the patients looked like the elephant man everyone was desperate to see a picture of them...

I think someone got caught taking pics?, cant remember...


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I did a drug trial once in London. For a flu vaccine.
Easy money.
They did a nasal clear out,with a strange orange balloon and then I spent 2 days in a premier inn free, I was also onsight at a hospital next to tower bridge.caged for 1 night.we had a giant tv and videos and pool table and leather comfy seats, but couldn't go out, they had metal rails on the windows!
Anyway, it was £500 for 3 days .


Hey,I don't wish any ill will on any of these Fkn People, but if U sign up for a Drug Trial,U more or less,get what U get,Don't U??? SP