When that guy who orders after you gets served before you....


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He should be mad that he ordered a chicken teriyaki, so gross
I used to order them all the time and then this one really angry gay guy didn't heat it up in the microwave cuz I didn't want it toasted. He served it to me cold, and it was the absolute sickest thing I've ever had. Now the mere thought of it sends chunks up to my mouth


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Awwe awe! I have found an enemy lmao, I think we could tussle in a subway too now
Sweet onion chicken teriyaki was my favourite order, with sweet onion sauce and red onions..
I since switched to sweet chilli chicken teriyaki.. with sweet onion sauce and red onions..
Steak and cheese 🤗

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Good, I was glad to see him get cut up by that broken glass.

He got just what he deserved for head-butting the other guy.