where the hell did all the rape videos go


they like rape videos because the only way for them to get laid is to have to forcefully get sex since no woman has ever lowered their standards low enough to engage in any type of sexual activities.


One who doesnt care is one who shouldn't be
Dark web where?
Honestly I don't memorize urls on there so many of the links I click are sites that have been taken down so by the time I reach a working one I just don't seem to care anymore haha but next time I come across one I'll msg you the URL


Born dead through your own arse
I didn't even had a selection of rape videos

i would like to see a video where a women rapes a man
Haha, that would be allowed anywhere because that's comedy. It would have to be a rough as guts diesel dyke since I can't see most women "raping" men. I'd care if some below average looking girl tried to fist me in a dark alleyway if I had the flu or some other inconvenience.