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Lmfaooo not at all. It must suck for you though? I'm happy with my white husband in our 5 bedroom house and massive backyard. Black men tend to date bottom of the barrel white women. Yknow right after black men get out of prison and have nowhere to go, then tend to date the first fat white bitch who lets gives them a home as long as they keep the beached whale of a woman sexually satisfied. It happens all the time
See what I get from that is a black man would rather be with a “bottom of the barrel white woman” rather than a black woman


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Welp what i meant was that black women typically arent submissive to fucking bums.
Most hood rats will fuck any niggly bear that comes along so they can keep dropping offspring so they can stay on welfare provided by their white daddy gov. the only type of niggly bears those whores want around are the thugs of the hood they live in.


I just WISH white Americans invade Europe after tearing down everything they built in America, kick out the 3rd world and build a wall around Europe! Yeah fuck off Israel you’re on your own...


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Black girls are basically the blueprint for a lot of these instagram "models". The majority of us black girls(not all-as with any race) naturally have nicer figures than a lot of these white girls. The small waists with bigger hips, full lips, "tan" skin, nice hair that actually has thickness to it. We also tend to have much nicer complexions
By nice hair you mean weaves that all the negresses insist on gluing to their heads instead of being proud of the hair on their head and this is what happens when you wear weave....


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White guys flirt with me more than black guys do. White men have always loved black women. Why do you think so many white women try so hard to look like us? I.e. the kardashians and every fucking influencer pumping their bodies full of plastic and tanning until they become darker than me. Im not making this shit up. Literally look in any magazine in the U.S.
Look in a damn history book or google lol
You are truly delusional it's defiantly the other way around negroids wanting to look like races of women that have beautiful straight flowing hair..get it right ffs


Mini Wiconi -Water Is Life!
And before you guys get your nuts in a knot, im not saying all white girls want to be black girls. But there is definitely a trend. And no weaves are not an example of black girls wanting to be white. My bundles are brazilian, Cambodian, or Indian. White women have the thinnest fucking hair and no one will pay over 300 dollars for that shit.
We donate our hair for a good cause wigs for cancer female patients whom have lost their hair by receiving chemo therapy..can't say the same for your race of women.