White Woman Pulls Gun On Black Lady After Almost Running Over Her Daughter (1 Viewer)

Auburn Hills, Michigan:

White female pulls a handgun on a Black woman in an altercation in a parking lot.

According to the woman taking the video, the white woman nearly hit the Black woman's daughter while backing up her van. The daughter slapped the vehicle to stop it from hitting her. The argument escalated quickly.

The woman with the gun was arrested but released because, as the police say, the daughter hit the vehicle with her hand first and the woman defended herself with the gun. (Such bullshit white privilege garbage)
She's going to do that shit to the wrong person in the wrong neighborhood and get lit the fuck up that gun isnt going do shit for you when you 5 pulled out on you and there nothing trying to talk

Mr. Mayhem

Into the damning well...you all go.

Drives backwards

It's exactly the same, but totally different
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