Who'll be playing Borderlands 2 (PC)?


I'd happily play with ya, but I haven't been able to get multiplayer working for some goddamn reason. I make a public game, people can join. However, I can't invite friends, can't join a game through matchmaking or invite. It's batty as hell.

I've always been a Siren player on the original, and I had the most badass survival/DPS build, at least in my mind (http://www.borderlandsthegame.com/skilltree/lilith/#21505055055005015005505]link![/url]). Supplement with a good SMG, like the ones that fire multiple bullets per ammo (anarchy I think they were called?), and shit just died so fucking fast. Especially if you had a maliwan.

But yeah, sorta disappointed to lose Phasewalk, but Phaselock's AoE potential is fucking huge and I've really been enjoying it.


Well too late now, just saw the thread and i've completed the game
Had to choose between that and Darksiders 2, if I had both I'dve had double disappointment. Fucking games too short assed these days.

Have over 50+ hours in New Vegas and I've only beaten the main questline and one DLC out of all the others. Skyrim is awesome too.