Why, China....whyyyy?!


Those Sicko Freaks will Eat Anything with a Fkn Heartbeat,for Fks-Sakes!!! It'd b nice to Open Up A Ltl History Lesson on Their Asses! And pull out one of those Los Alamos, Plutonium "Little Boy's"...B'cuz that's how U deal with a Pandemic...A Clean Slate!!!...SP


There's a saying in China: "We will eat anything with legs, except a table, and anything with wings, except an aeroplane." Putrid. Apparently there was some weird animals being sold at that market in wuhan. Some animals, like bats, are notorious for passing pathogens on. Still, if the shit had have been prepared and cooked properly, the virus would have been killed.


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Absolutely vile.
One horrific disease ridden market shut down means nothing. There's prolly thousands set up from major cities, to wagons parked along heavily traveled areas, to roadside stands. Still selling all those virus carrying varmits and even now knowing what's up, people will eat it.