Why do they always bring that up?


What the hell was she on about? Was she mad cause they were going to charge her for water? lol all she wants is to own a hair store damn lol:facepalm:


I can't stand people who talk loud and move around a lot... how are those ppl evening having that convo with her?..

I love when blacks try to pull the race card on everything, then blame their problems on whoever is in front of them and tell them to get out of their black neighborhoods, lols... She said Section 8 at the end, too. xD


dude in the background is just like, "yeah, i'm stayin' the fuck out of this." :facepalm:

HAHA RIGHT I saw that too. He wasn't goin' near that. He wanted his cigarettes, didn't care if they were Indian or Black, adn wanted to gtfo before that fat lady tried getting his number, LOL.
well i want the asians to do my nails they are good at it and i live in a small town in ky but half the little stores around us are owned by foreigners and they are some of the nicest people around here and as long as they are here legally i dont care if they make money that woman on the video is pissed cause she couldnt get a loan for a business if her life depended on it cause she just proved herself ghetto as hell