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Some people probably like the anger, violence, or hate, while others have a fascination for the psychology behind it (both being killer and victim), or the anatomy/physics aspect of it (how hard is it REALLY to stab someone to death?).

What exactly do YOU get out of it, and why do you like it so much?

Do you like it and what do you get out of it?


I enjoy it because I'm a bit of a crazy bitch. Love blood love violence but most I love chomos getting what they deserve. Not enough of them on here. Revenge is sweeeeeet!


I've always been fascinated about how we humans tick,and I've always wanted to take a look under the hood(U could say)...But even moreso,the psychology of "HUMAN NATURE",along the lines of capabilities,And what an individual is willing to do to another individual,that has either broken their heart,pissed them off terribly,or even hate their skin color or race...And the damage they inflict on said individual...Ultimately the Gore is the Proof, and the Payoff,for me...SP
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Gore makes me moist.


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The fact that a human can go from a conscious living being, filled with hopes, dreams, thoughts, feelings and desires to a pile of warm meat in a matter of seconds fascinates me. The human body is both durable and very fragile. Some people survive some of the most horrific things imaginable and others die from a very minor accident. I also enjoy the look of terror and anguish on a persons face who is suffer and knows they are about to die. The look of hopelessness as they know their fate and can't escape it. I wish I could hear their thoughts and know what emotions they are experiencing.

I'm also into BDSM and have always enjoyed various forms of torture and helplessness. People dying is just taking that interest a step further. The interesting thing about just about every type of BDSM play is that if taken too far it could end in death. Keep a person locked up too long, they die of dehydration. Take breath play too far, they suffocate. Take impact play too far and they die from blood loss due to breaking their skin with a heavy beating.
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