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hello everyone!
I'm a nurse in pall care units in Canada sooo I see a lot of pretty gore stuff at my job... cancerous wounds and stage 4 bedsores are pretty stunning sometime and I didn't talk about the smell... but I often watch gore pic because I want to know how body's become after this or that ... and because it sometime give me a little adrenaline boost ! and you? why are you there?
(p.s. don't use English very often so please apologize my mistakes!!!)


Gore goddess
Gore is a reminder of the true nature of our lives- it’s absolutely meaningless. It’s the great equalizer. No matter how rich, how powerful, how beautiful you are just a temporary ephemeral walking piece of meat and bones. The third world keeps it 100 because they show this stuff. The dead are in your face and not embalmed and pleasantly hidden away like here in the US. Death is reality, gore is reality amplified, no formaldehyde🤪


Splendid Fellow

Gore gives me a hard-on and a tingling sensation. I love seeing people getting tortured and killed. It excites me! Seeing the helpless suffer in such gruesome ways reminds me how worthless they really are.

I always like feeling better than others. Imagining myself in the shoes of a killer (e.g. a school/mass shooter) and running around with a gun shooting all that flee is such a satisfying feeling. It's like, people can act all cool and shit, making jokes about me and trying to run a world under a hive-mind. But when you insert dominance over them with violence and murder you can't help but to enjoy the feeling of being in control.

Although I rather not be in prison, nothing can stop me from lusting over the idea of shooting someone in the kneecaps and slice them up as they cry in pain.


just the "awe" of seeing shit i don't see on a daily basis, i like to define it as real world news even if there isn't an article about it.

makes me dive into the killer's mind, like why are they doing it, how can they live with themselves after doing it, etc.

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