why do you like gore? (1 Viewer)

Its so surreal and blows my mind how shitty people are. Also lots of shock factor, because it could easily be you in any video. Plus I like to see what we look like during death or how we die or what happens or what it sounds/looks like in general. I watch all the sections but tend to frequent the suicide section. Still dont know why I do this, I just like to watch people off themselves. It does make me sad but I still watch. Eager to see them in their last moments. Sometimes it's so personal I feel like I'm reading someone diary and I shouldnt look.

I'm bad at explaining myself. I dont really know why I watch. It's a few things. But none of them are "I love watching humans suffer and bleed" edgy kid, gay and fake shit.


I self harmed a lot as a child (still do) and I saw a lot of gore through forum raids from 4chan. Eventually I got numb to it and kept seeking it out to see what the human body is like. I have sick fantasies and fucked up wants/urges to hurt people so this helps


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Honestly I don’t know why I like it. I just do, and now it’s kinda like an addiction for me because of the excitement I feel when I see a dismembered body or decapitated/contorted corpse. Also I got a kink for blood and chicks covered in blood...


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it's the only thing that amuses me enough to entertain me and get rid of my chronic boredom, besides writing swastikas in public or doing offensive things / being a general nuisance.

It's also cathartic and funny, especially when the victims are brown. it's like watching an alligator kill a mouse for me.


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i reached the point now,i like to see people get a taste of their own medicine. the killer being the one getting killed. decapitated with a dull knife. hanging them. bullet to the head. dragging them down the road tied up behind some kind of vehicle. tortured and so on. because if it wasnt for that,then it would be boring to me now. it makes me happy to see bad people die.

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