Wife of Oceanside police chief charged with firing weapon at Cypress officers



The wife of the Oceanside police chief has been charged with five felonies in Orange County for allegedly firing a semiautomatic firearm at police officers in Cypress, authorities said.
Brinda Sue McCoy, 47, was arrested by SWAT squad members who fired a bean-bag at her during the Dec. 16 incident at the family home in Cypress, authorities said.
She is married to Frank McCoy, the police chief in Oceanside in northern San Diego County, authorities said. He served eight years on the Cypress City Council, including a term as mayor. He was also a commander in the Long Beach Police Department. He was hired in Oceanside in 2006.
According to the Orange County district attorney's office, the incident began when Brinda McCoy made a 911 call and requested assistance. When Cypress officers responded, she refused to come out of her house, pointed a firearm at her head and then fired twice at officers crouching outside the home. No one was injured.
Brinda McCoy, a nurse, was released from Orange County jail on Wednesday on $250,000 bail. Orange County prosecutors said that if convicted of all five counts, she faces up to 58 years in prison.

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