Windows 7 support ended.. anyone here still using W7 ?


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I'm still on the home premium version and don't plan on upgrading to Windows 10 until i need to do a reinstall.. or do you think it would be best to get on W10 sooner ?


With Windows 7 not being Supported Anymore,There will b Nomore Updates to Both the Security and Operating System...And it wont b long until U Notice that the Computer is Taking forever to Boot Up,And it'll start lagging(slowing down)...And U will Notice It...But check with someone else that knows about Computers,And he or she will probably back-up what I'm Saying...I hope that helps a ltl...SP


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I'm still on it and it hasn't been updated for 2 and a half years because of a missing file. Never had a problem with slowing down or anything. If you get windows 10 read up on how to turn off all the spying shit it comes with.

PS that Bill Gates is a robbing conman he needs hanging and burning no need to stop support for it

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I'm on Win 7 Pro and have received all the alerts, including the one sent out recently. I'll just chug along with it until it becomes a major pain and then switch to a newer computer. All my important stuff is backed-up on an external HDD, anyway.

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Everyone(including me) should put the time in and learn to use Linux. It is free and open source, which stops money going to Apple or Microsoft. Using a computer shouldn't cost anything.
If it weren't for games I'd have been on Linux years ago. Current support for gaming under Linux is not enough for me to switch over.

I'll stick with Windows 7 until I no longer can.