Windows 7 support ended.. anyone here still using W7 ?

Everyone(including me) should put the time in and learn to use Linux. It is free and open source, which stops money going to Apple or Microsoft. Using a computer shouldn't cost anything.
Yes Linux is better in the sense that it's more stable, it doesn't require a registry, not to mention it's free, and uses far less space, however there aren't as many programs that work on Windows that are available and work well with Linux, but they have their own programs.
I used to dual boot Linux Ubuntu and Fedora with Windows 7 back in the day.
You can even run Windows within Linux, i used to do this with Virtualbox.


Yes Linux is better in the sense that it's more stable,
Yeah but who wants to fuck around with gnome or kde, WINE etc to even get it to the point it feels like a relatable OS. how about GPU support? Christ, drivers for anything other than a 3dfx card from 1993 were terrible last time I used it as a OS. Lol Linux is great for servers and not so much for desktops, Windows is great for desktops and shit at server management, the architectures are so different. Ive been running centos for 10 years from a command line, I'm a bit of a server god :sexface: but I'd never waste my time using it or any other distro as a OS on my day to day PC. It's still ./configure hell for any noob, I think it's a turn off for filthy casuals who wanna try it out.
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I'm sorry if I have offended you
I'm still on it and it hasn't been updated for 2 and a half years because of a missing file. Never had a problem with slowing down or anything. If you get windows 10 read up on how to turn off all the spying shit it comes with.

PS that Bill Gates is a robbing conman he needs hanging and burning no need to stop support for it
Totally agree. He is an evil fucka. Read this...


With Windows 7 not being Supported Anymore,There will b Nomore Updates to Both the Security and Operating System...And it wont b long until U Notice that the Computer is Taking forever to Boot Up,And it'll start lagging(slowing down)...And U will Notice It...But check with someone else that knows about Computers,And he or she will probably back-up what I'm Saying...I hope that helps a ltl...SP
No man that’s windows 10 right out of the box lol