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Woman Beheaded By Truck

Discussion in 'Train, Truck, Car or Motorcycle' started by DeathHand, Mar 10, 2019.

  1. DeathHand

    DeathHand Let It All Bleed Out

    I don't remember actually seeing this set on GG before but I wouldn't be surprised if it's buried here somewhere. So, for now, here's the set :).

    Female pedestrian nailed by truck and decapitated as a result. No further details known.

    Russia, pre-2017.



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  2. rottenfresh

    rottenfresh ummmmm, You smell that? Morbid Mania

    By the expression on her face, she saw her fuckin future coming strait for her.:death:
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  3. DeathsDoor

    DeathsDoor Knock Knock

    Not seen this set before.
    I love death in the snow.. just something about it.

    I posted a set one time, Russian bloke had both his feet cut off by a train, didn't die or anything. But the red stuff in the snow made it look more tragic. Some years ago now. Be nice to see the set again.
  4. McM

    McM Krautnigger

    Somehow I have a remembrance of this face/picture but I'm really not sure. Maybe with an internet address stamped across the whole photo, we have several of this kind from Russia here.