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Woman gets beheaded in jungle.

Discussion in 'Murder' started by Jon E(vil), Jan 26, 2018.

  1. Jon E(vil)

    Jon E(vil) True gore artist.

    Chubby lady gets stabbed and beheaded, watch the guys reactions at the end.
    Video is brutal.
    The YNC

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  2. Mental Puppy

    Mental Puppy Mors Est Salus Moderator

    Cool vid. He's better at beheading than most Muslims.
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  3. High-Grade

    High-Grade FLH food chain < ME

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  4. Jakeclown

    Jakeclown Rookie

    She had some mighty big knockers.
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  5. Honest One


    Beheaded and stabbed, talk about a bad day :<_>:
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  6. Riggo

    Riggo Rookie

    Such a tragic waste of tits
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  7. Silo

    Silo " CHUTZ-PAH "

    Poor thing was confused, should I protect my neck or stomach? up down, up down lol well at least it was quicker then usual.
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  8. Graziani


    this is not jungle. it's Rio de Janeiro, worst city of brazil.

    the killers are from CV. comando vermelho = red command, criminal faction of Rio de jnaiero.
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2018
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  9. Silo

    Silo " CHUTZ-PAH "

    Enough already Graz....when are you gonna get pissed and take over? Rio needs a new King Pin. ;)

    *Note I'm joking dont get yourself killed.
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  10. Graziani


    Rio is full of King Pin (marvel). they need a Batman to kill em all.

    I discover the locality by the thieves' accent. every state of Brazil has a very distinct accent.
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  11. Stryker

    Stryker Banned

    Hard as fuck