Let It All Bleed Out
Was she pregnant, bloated with decomposition, or one of those cute chubby girls?
inb4 not cute
Not sure. The media site didn't say that she was preggo (which is what I thought too). I'd guess that her innards are in the very stages of decomp and gas the gas is starting to build up in that good ol' abdominal cavity. If not, then like you mentioned, she might have just had a paunch going on there.

If you women didn't discriminate who you fucked, men wouldn't have to rape lol. J/K chill out
Hold on a minute. You just commented on my other post, you wouldn't have kicked her outta bed. Then you vomit out that bile up there?? I take back my positive remark, as you'r over the center line into the dickhead lane. Oops, jk....