Woman Strangles Husband, Beheads Him, Feeds Dog With His Penis (1 Viewer)

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woman beheaded her husband with an axe, before hacking off his penis with a kitchen knife after allegedly suffering "domestic violence for ages".

The Ukrainian woman, named only as Maria, strangled her husband before beheading him and severing his penis, later feeding it to dogs in the village of Obariv.

The 48-year-old told local police that her actions were "the only way out" after she suffered years of domestic violence.

Maria attacked her husband, Oleksandr, while he slept after a night shift.
After strangling him she decapitated him with an axe before hacking off his penis with a kitchen knife and feeding the severed member to her dogs.

She then ran to neighbour Nadezhda Opanasiuk's home, covered in blood, and admitted: "I am in trouble. I've killed my husband."

"I did not believe her," Opanasiuk said. " I thought they had a quarrel and she might have hit him. I went to see if he needed medical help.

"When I walked into the room, I saw his mutilated body. The bedsheets were soaked with blood."

"I asked her, 'Where's his head?', and she replied, 'there, in the sack''."
Maria later made a full confession, citing constant physical and emotional abuse.
Her son Viktor Fesianov has disavowed her, telling local media: "'I know she is my mother. But I do not want to see her any more."


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