Woman's Body Stored in Freezer


Black toenail polish...or black toenails. Its a good way to store a body till the heat dies down for a burial or disposal. No smell as long as the power stays on or someone doesn't go looking for a popsicle and finds a naked chick.

Roger Escude

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was he storing her for later.
I have a feeling that's exactly what he was doing. Just take her out and smash when he wants to sticker back in the freezer don't have to hear no lip about nothing at all no complaining no whining no bitching none of that anymore. Just take her out, Fallout her bottom half a little smash and put her back. Pussy with out the strings attached. But that's only going to last for so long then there will be a smell that not even Summer's Eve can get rid of. More like the only thing that would take care of that smell would be a match and a can of gas. Perhaps his next move will be to go to the cemetery and dig up a fresh one