Woman's Death and Funeral

Ra's Al Ghul

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Young Ruth Mata Belliard, 28 years old and who was the secretary of the city council in the Municipal District of San Victor in Moca, tragically died aboard a motorbike "Ninja" red she was driving on crashing into another vehicle, which according to reports was driven by a drunken man, unidentified so far.

The accident occurred at 4:00 pm on Tuesday near the baseball play St. Victor, according to information provided to this reporter from the community via WhatsApp.

After the tragic death of the young, the syndicate decided to suspend the festivities dedicated to Our Lady of La Altagracia and the authorities ordered off all equipment musician, including area businesses.

Mata Belliard, from a prominent family in St. Victor, lived at the entrance of San Antonio, near the Catholic church erected in honor of the saint.

She was single, had not married, she had no children any and was family was not aware of any relationship.

Relatives and associates, described it as a cheerful, dynamic and concerned about their community. At the time of her death, she was coordinating the organization of employers of St. Victor.

During the wake at her home, a sister unidentified, reported that the victim had "a bad dream" about dying spectacularly.

Police in St. Victor, described the incident as accidental so no arrests in connection with the tragedy.

One detail that outraged the community, is that the body of the girl, who always took care of her image, was put in the back of a semi truck and naked from the waist down, revealing her intimate underwear.

It was said that some unscrupulous and morbid individual, pulled down the blue jeans that deceased was wearing.

The death of the municipal secretary became Tuesday in a wide outpouring of grief in San Victor and dozens of community were participating in the vigil.
She will be buried Wednesday morning in the cemetery of that borough
Anubis Fetish

Anubis Fetish

Resting in a Casket
Looks like the woman took a good hit to her lower lip when she crashed. I'm not sure if Dominicans observe 3 days of mourning before burial or like some countries bury the person the next day: might, nor might not, explain why her lip still looks swollen and bruised in the casket.

Good set, Anubis Fetish.

From the story it seems like she was buried the day after the accident.


Fresh Meat
I think she could have been better presented in her casket...however...not all embalmers are great at restoration...or could also be the family wanted her burial sooner rather than later...to go into further restoration may not have been an option for them...I definitely am no master at the art of restoration although studying very hard to be...